FAQ’s – External Doors

Is there a choice of colour? 
All composite doors can be made in our standard colours: white, black, red, green or blue, however please bare in mind that we highly recommend popping into our showroom to see all colours in true form. If you have a specific colour requirement, we are able to paint any colour with a RAL (K7 Classic) code, of which there are 213. As well as this, woodgrain colours Oak and Rosewood are possible however the door must be stained externally.

Popular additional RAL colours include the following and can be found in the product galleries:

What are the maximum and minimum sizes?   
The maximum and minimum frame sizes are as follows:
Width: 1014mm – 805mm  
Height: 2162mm – 1980mm 
(15mm, 30mm or 50mm build ups can be added to the top or either sides of the frame if it exceeds these sizes)

If a Fire Door is required, do you manufacture?  
We do manufacture fire doors which comply with the all recent legal requirements have undergone rigorous testing. 

Do you have a choice of door skin covering?
With regards to frames, the surface can be smooth pvc or foiled with a woodgrain effect to match the skin of the door. All doors are flush with a woodgrain effect, then moulded to the required door shape/design, however some doors have a slightly different slab style/moulding, these are: Cottage, Farmhouse and Monza. For more information on these slightly different surfaces please see the images in the external product page.

Is a guarantee offered? 
We provide a 10 year guarantee on standard colours, a 5 year guarantee on stained woodgrain colours (Oak and Rosewood) and a 3 year guarantee on all painted colours. 

Are there any restrictions on glass designs?  
We have a large range of glass designs which if needed, can be personalised with Resin Bevel designs, Traditional Overlay Lead & Film, Sandblasted and Resin Dispensing glass ranges. As well as, this we offer a bespoke glass design service, whereby we can arrange a meeting with yourself to discuss any creative briefs or branding you may have, and we’ll do our best to create the design perfect for you.

What is the payment process?
We require a 50% deposit upon ordering the door; the second 50% will be required once your doors are fitted and you’re fully satisfied with your order. 

Q. Can I order over the phone?
A. No, we can only accept orders either by email or by popping down to our showroom.