FAQ’s – Roller Shutters

Q. What if the power fails?
A. In the unfortunate event of a power failure, operating the door is not a problem, as it can easily be opened from the inside the garage, by using a manual winding handle (in standard sized garage door, winding doesn’t require almost any force at all). Should be there no access to the garage, an optional extra external manual winding system is also available.

Q. How many colours can I choose from?
A. Our surface finishes are available in a wide selection of 15 colours to complement your existing windows and front door.

Q. What optional extras can I have?
A. Extras can include the following: Lockable external override, Additional remote control units, Warranty.

Q. What sort of warranty do you offer?
A. For added peace of mind, all our Roller Garage Doors are supplied with a reassuring 2 year warranty. Electric motors are guaranteed for 5 years.

Q. How safe are the shutters?
A. All Hurricane shutters have wireless safety edge as standard, which is built into the rubber seal on the bottom of the door curtain. This stops and returns the door should it meet an obstruction. We also confirm to the European Standards of safety and wind load resistance EN 13241-1, EN 12424. This is demonstrated by tests carried out by TUV independent test authorities. InsuRoll doors have been tested with a wind load of 59mph.

Q. How easily will the the shutters mark?
A. By the nature of a roller doors operation, it is inevitable that the laths will roll against each other. Hurricane safeguard against this eventuality by:

  • Lath being coated in PUR/PA* coating to reduce scuffs.
  • Offer Deprat™ or anti scruff looking device.
  • Triple brush inserts in side guides to reduce rubbing on operation. Whilst we don’t claim to eliminate all marks during operation we are confident that the steps taken will reduce them to less than our competitors.

Q. Will my roller shutter require any maintenance?
A. Keeping the door clean by wiping the curtain with a damp cloth and mild detergent every so often will keep it looking great – and also help prevent damage to the surface. In a salt air environment this should be done monthly – but otherwise just if the door looks dirty. Scratches can be touched up like a car to avoid rust, and touch-up paint is available, but the motor and curtain are designed to be maintenance free and require no additional lubrication in normal use.